Past Events

14-15 May 2024 – Utrecht/The Netherlands

The GetReal Institute Annual Conference 2024 – A Growing Convergence: RWE for Regulatory & HTA Decision Making

14-16 April 2024 – Orlando/USA

ISPE 2024 Mid-Year Meeting

2-4 May 2024 – Valencia/Spain

The 27th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

20-21 March 2024 – Hannover/Germany

AGENS Methods Workshop. (Arbeitsgruppe Erhebung und Nutzung von Sekundärdaten/ German Working Group on collection and utilisation of secondary data)

12-14 March 2024 – Brussels/Belgium

DIA Europe 2024

21-23 February 2024 – Amsterdam/Netherlands

TRICALS Masterclass 2024

12-13 February 2024 – Hybrid

Joint HMA/EMA Multi-stakeholder workshop on Patient Registries

22-24 November, 2023 – Oslo/Norway

15th Annual NorPEN Meeting – Nordic Pharmacoepidemiology Network

15-16 November, 2023 – Virtual

DIA Innovating Clinical Trials in Europe Conference

The Real4Reg will be presented within the session “Real-World Evidence in Regulatory and HTA Decision Making: Report on MetReal Cluster covering 5 European Horizon Europe Projects”.

9-10 November, 2023 – Cologne/Germany

30th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Drug Utilisation Research and Drug Epidemiology (GAA)

1 November, 2023 – Odense/Denmark

Danish Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (DSFE) Annual meeting 2023: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the new Danish register on hospital medications.

26-28 September, 2023 – Würzburg/Germany

18th annual meeting of the German Society of Epidemiology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Epidemiologie, DGEpi)

Real4Reg project was selected for an oral presentation at DGEpi meeting. This year’s motto is “Epidemiology in Transition – Innovations and Challenges”.

23-27 August, 2023 – Halifax/Canada

ICPE 2023 – Annual Conference of the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE)

12-14 July, 2023 – Barcelona/Spain

ENCALS (European Network to Cure ALS) Meeting 2023

The Real4Reg project will be presented on EUpALS Annual General Meeting on July 11th, satellite to ENCALS 2023.

31 May, 2023 – Copenhagen/Denmark

Real4Reg Consortium Meeting in Copenhagen