Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Europe. In the last decades, the research on new treatments achieved impressive results, saving many lives, and increasing the quality of life of patients. Still, there is space for further improvements. Real4Reg will enhance the knowledge about those living with this disease and will help to expand the information available for clinical trials.

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Real4Reg will analyse real-world data (RWD) provided by national healthcare registers and claims data to collect information about breast cancer. By following the data from breast cancer patients (in an anonymised form), Real4Reg expects to contribute to a better understanding of its progression, prognosis, and the treatments that are being used, among other factors.

Clinical trials have been essential to discovering new treatments for breast cancer. However, there are some groups of patients that often are not included in those trials. It can either be because there is a relatively small number of patients (e.g., men with breast cancer), due to ethical concerns and worries about adverse effects (e.g., pregnant women), or because it is difficult to analyse their data in a clinical trial (e.g., patients with many other health problems, making it tough to assess if the new treatment has efficacy).

Real4Reg will specifically work on the RWD of these groups, using advanced methods (artificial intelligence and machine learning). In the future, we could use this new information as comparator groups (i.e., the patients who didn’t receive the new treatment) and investigate how the new treatment works on these patients.

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